Absolutely free of fear

Thought says it doesn’t matter,I see.

No, I am saying it to you. Leave thought and insight out of it. I am saying to you that psychological thought is a form of fear. As one person to another, I am saying it. Is it a fact? Or is it something stupid? The fact here is not like the mountain; it is not something separate from our own relationship. The fact of fear is our relationship.


Thought, obviously (lol). And yes, it does matter !!, because it avoids the possibility of it being something that yields meaningfulness.

But it is far from a laughing matter. To whom is any of this obvious? You will never know the source of anyone else’s statements or questions. You can guess at it, but that’s all, and your guesswork is then another form of thought.

Is it possible for you and I right now to put an end to fear in our relationship at every level and for all time? If you are concerned about where the question comes from, it means you have not listened to the question. It means you want to gather around yourself a clever response which keeps you protected from the problem, as though it is all about a hypothetical issue.

Galo has come and gone, apparently. Perhaps his question was all along an academic question. But the problem of fear in human relationships remains, regardless of who put the question.

Do we have to live with fear? I want an answer to it. Don’t you?


Desire is based on thought!!

You are offering a knee-jerk reaction to the word ‘want’. I am putting a question and I want an answer to the question. This is the right place for doing such a thing, this little forum. Desire doesn’t come into it. For desire to exist there must first be an object of desire as a picture, an image or a goal, all of which are based on memory.

We have to get this clear, if we are to continue.

No, this wasn’t. It was a response. It was intelligence that responded. Want is desire. One can want food, shelter, clothing. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

No, Charley doesn’t - because the “I” disappeared, but you do, since all your conditioning is still there.

So, why don’t you do what you suggest to everyone else? Why don’t you stay with your question.

Of course it matters. Because it indicates whether or not you stayed with your own question. Have you? I doubt it.

We need food, shelter and clothing. We don’t have what we need. I want to know why. I want to find out my part in it. That’s all. It is very simple. Don’t make it into something corrupt. I want to find out. I may not like the answer, but I want to find out. Apparently, you don’t have the same interest, the same question, so it is rather difficult to know how to proceed.


Yes, people are starving to death in many countries. In winter, there were homeless people who fell asleep in huge garbage containers even where I live and they died. The rich where I lived were horrified (and embarrassed) and donated huge sums of money to build places and buy old motels to house them. There were churches opening up their doors to shelter more of them.

There is presently enough food and money to properly house and feed and clothe everyone on the planet; although one can see that with the trend that is happening, that will not always be the case !!

So, one sees what is happening. People will sacrifice the lives of those who are poor and uneducated to enrich themselves. For them, it is profit, exploitation, etc. that matters. They use thought to succeed. It is deplorable. People will also sacrifice nature by exploiting it and thus destroying it. They cut down trees, they build mining operations that end up polluting the waters around them, cause the death of entire species, etc. You know that, you have read, or seen news reports of such activities.

You will most probably not like the answer Charley gives. Of that, c. is sure. Until one experiences insight and the truth/or falseness which insight provides, there is no mutation. When mutation occurs, it has an impact on everyone around oneself. And unless mutation occurs, there is no change. People, everyone, remain the same (or modified continuity) and the damage gets worse. It has reached a point of no return (climate change). One does not know you, whether you are actively engaged in the profit and exploitation of others, whether or not you live a simple life away from the insanity. One feels that were there at least 1/2 a dozen or more who have genuinely stopped thought (that tool which is part of the problem) mainly because thought itself is the problem, part of the wrong turn, because thought itself is limited - then maybe something could be done. Until then… things will just have to run their course.

Charley is in no way part of what society stands for, and because of that, doesn’t have to reincarnate back. That’s freedom. It also means that should the subsidies that finance the housing that Charley has end, Charley will most likely die, as that would mean that one would no longer be able to pay for the housing here, let alone buy food, the costs of which have become prohibitive - inflation. Until one received those 2 pensions, one lived after one’s rent was paid, on less than $100 a month for a good 15 years. Strangely, Charley was pushed through the cracks (didn’t fall through the cracks) because no one knew how to deal with Charley :). Presently, a single unit elsewhere that is not subsidized is more than all of Charley’s 2 modest pensions.

When one is not fed up with this insanity, one is part of the problem.

No, I want the answer; I don’t want someone else to give me an answer. Do you see the difference? There is tremendous impatience to find an answer, but impatience is impotence. So is there a way of approaching this question of fear and the absolute ending of fear that contains both the question and the answer at the same time? Why do we have to go through all those intermediate stages of observation, recrimination, justification, explanation and resolution? The five stages of grief begin with denial and move through a process towards acceptance. But is there not a better way to live than in this vortex of time and pain?

The demand for an answer is not the same as the demand for an experience. Experience is something already half dead; and therefore the demand or the search for a different or a better kind of experience is itself something deadly. And when someone else gives me an answer to my question, they are giving me only their experience of the answer. So is it possible to explore together the question without this enquiry ever becoming an experience at all?


You are looking for a “way”, a path, a method? Will any question stop questioning?

Who says there has to be “recrimination, justification, explanation and resolution”?

So, what I get from the above is that you are suggesting that observation is what, an “intermediate stage” on one hand, and so, are you suggesting that you reject the patience to observe?

The contradictions are mounting.

And do you believe this? Why state what someone else (a psychologist) says:

You want fear to be a question that contains its own answer, without having looked at fear itself and understood it, right? Where did you get the idea that you can discover an answer through a question, without testing it within?

No, you are reading it wrong. The question and the answer at the same time - that’s all I am talking about. When the answer is separate from the question, that’s when our methodologies come into play. It is therefore a question about the denial of time, about the refusal to depend on time. Then something like grief or fear can’t ever coming into being. I don’t know if anyone gets this.

If I may suggest, don’t translate what I am saying. If it is clear, that’s good enough. If it’s not clear, leave it alone.

Mr. Dimmock,

The above question is an incorrect question, because it originates from fear, and you have been saying this again and again and you have never found an answer, because there is no answer to this question.

Yes - by addressing the basis of the question; from what premise it arises; the presuppositions of the questioner.

Could another way of putting this be : If we understand why we are confused, what happens to our confusion?

Or If the delusion of the questioner is seen, does this deal with their question?

When it is seen clearly that the movement of psychological thought is fear. And that thought in this place, not the practical, is as someone put it, the desire for certainty (security?) and thought’s questions are the expression of this desire…then when this is seen, the thoughts can be negated as they arise. It can also be seen, realized,in these moments, that what we actually are is not the movement of thought/time.

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The question already exists in our relationships with other human beings. We are asking, ‘Why?’ Why are we afraid of one another? And is it possible not to live like this?

Mr. Dimmock,

This question invented by thought does not exist in Charley’s relationships. So, speak for yourself. And most people in the real world do not ask this question. When one falls in love, one is love, and there is no fear. You are asking, “why”, since you don’t observe within. Were you to do this, you wouldn’t be asking, you would be looking within, something apparently you are afraid to do or cannot do, since you are full of fear. So, one asks, why don’t you discover for yourself whether or not you are afraid in your relationships. Then, you would know “why”…Why do you need to depend on others to find an answer? Why do you need to depend on words to discover anything at all?

Fear of other things exist in the world. Charley was afraid of water, and when meditation was ongoing, Charley saw when she had drowned as a very small child, and had to be resuscitated - after which the memory disappeared and Charley was able to jump into the deep end of a pool, and not feel any fear whatsoever. It was extraordinary, freedom !! The thing is one sees that you are trying to discover all these things without going within. Unfortunately, this will only lead to intellectual discoveries, which are all meaningless in the end, meaningless because the fear remains.

Then let’s wait until we are both on the same planet before we go any further.